because sometimes writing is easier than speaking

words are how we communicate our feelings and thoughts. words are how we succeed.

don’t even try.

if you honestly truly think that you entering back into my life and wanting everything to be like how it was in the past, you’ve got another thing coming FRIEND. 

i don’t trust you, i don’t believe in you, i have absolutely no faith in you, and i know how much of a sneeky little mother fuckin’ bastard you are… so NO, we aren’t gonna be lovers, friends, maybe sometime we can date again, sorry guy but i know your game plan and i’m stronger now than i was in the past and i’m not going to let anything happen. 

sorry to ruin anything you had in mind, but i’m not letting myself break again. i’m not letting myself go near what i was last year, because i hated who i was last year and i ruined way too many opportunities for myself because you ruined my life. you made me feel that i couldn’t do anything because i wasn’t good enough. 

sometimes in life, you have to keep the bad vibes away and i’m sorry but you are one of those bad vibes that really truly needs to stay the fuck away. 

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